Saturday, February 6, 2010

I have "a thing".

Actually...I have a LOT of "things".

I am what you might call a collector.  If I have one of something, I probably have several.  Especially of certain things that I tend to have a(n) (odd) preference for.

Namely, coffee mugs.

The cuter they are the better!  I like them fun and cool and different.  I have TONS of them and have to consciously resist the urge to buy more whenever I find one I love (especially at the dollar store where they always have fun ones!)

I also have a "thing" for blankets.

Here, the criteria is SOFT.  I tend to be a very tactile person.  I love soft things.  Fuzzy things.  Warm things.  Blankets are the best of all worlds!  So I tend to collect them.  Lots of them - I have a whole trunk full of them and several bins, closets, and corners stuffed with them.  And I'm not the only one...Where do think Nate gets this from?

I tend to have a bit of an obsession with cute kids dinner wear, too.  I always find adorable cups, divided dishes, or bowls with cute monsters or animals or characters on them at fantastic prices and can't resist the urge to buy more (even though realistically I could already NOT wash the dishes for a whole week and still have enough cute plates for the kids to eat off of!)  I'm afraid if I don't nip this "thing" in the bud, my husband will KILL me!

I've talked before about my "thing" with polka-dots which spills over into pretty much EVERYTHING.  Purses, wallets, shoes, scarves, socks, belts, coffee mugs, blankets, AND dinner wear.  I even got an adorable polka dotted camera strap for my camera (seen below with a new scarf, both of which I got off Etsy - Love it!!!!).

It's ridiculous.

These "things" are all relatively small, both in size and financial investment so do I continue to feed my obsession, or seek an intervention?  I could just rotate the old "tired" things out to make room for the new, but that feeds my issues of wastefulness I've talked about here.  Ugh!  Help me!!

Do any of you have "a thing"?

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Shana said...

maybe it is our I have a "thing" too. I can't have one of something great I have to have them all. I am so there with you on the kid dishes and silverware. Sippy cups. Socks, books, purses, shoes, pens, notebooks, patterns, i love to collect and i have been fighting it a lot lately and getting rid of a bunch of stuff.