Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love...(Nathaniel edition)

In an effort to remember all the cute quirks and nuances my children are currently exhibiting (and by currently, I only mean each little habit morphs and changes before I know it!), I challenged myself to name ten things I love most about each of my boys (who am I kidding, wasn't a challenge at all to come up with things I love!  The real challenge was LIMITING it to ONLY ten!)  :)

I'll share the list for Nathaniel today...stay tuned for Alex's list.


I love....your independence - the way you take charge of every situation, even at the ripe old age of three.  For example, if I'm too slow on the uptake when you ask for a glass of milk, you handle it yourself and before I know it you'll be in the kitchen with a chair pulled up to the counter, the (gallon!) milk jug on the counter and a glass of milk being poured (without spilling hardly a drop!)!   You're far too self sufficient for your age!  And perhaps a tad bit impatient?!?

I love...your spirit and spunk.  You are definitely your own person with your own ideas, your own agenda, and your own motivations and as much as that and your stubborn pig-headedness drive me batty, I wouldn't change it for the world!  It makes you who you are and you are fabulous!!

I love...the cute way you wink at me from across the room or whisper "I love you, Mom" with a sigh as we snuggle on the couch together watching Dora.

I love...your imagination.  You can pretend you're taking a shower in the middle of the kitchen, complete with hand motions, imaginary soap, shampoo bottles and towels, and the complete and accurate sound effects to go with it.  If I give you a coat you make a fireman's turn out suit with it.  If I hand you a cup and a spoon you'll be conducting a band, crab fishing off a boat in the Bering Sea, or whipping up dinner for us in no time.  You see monsters at the library and hide from ghosts in the living room on a sunny afternoon.  Running from dinosaurs and asking "Where'd the monster go?" never gets old!!  You are always "in character", dressing as a firefighting cowboy pirate one minute and wearing my high heels, bathing suit top and a blanket on your head (for hair) and calling yourself "Ariel" the next minute. You entertain your father and I daily.

I love...the stories you tell and the conversations we have.  We could talk for hours about endless amounts of things and I love every second of it!

I love...the way you pause between every word when you're constructing a long sentence and are diligently trying to master your syntax.

I love...the curiosity you attack life with.  No matter what it is you want to learn about it, figure it out, master it and then move on to the next thing.  You're such a smart little man!

I love...the little things you pick up from me.  Whether it be the way you sing a song, an expression, or a little habit of mine you are obviously mimicking.  I love it because it means you are listening to me, learning from me, and it's a fabulous reminder to me that you are listening to me and learning from me!!!  That keeps me in check and helps me to be a good person and a good role model so you will learn THAT instead of the bad stuff.

I love...your silliness.  You are such a little clown.  You're learning how to tell jokes and learning what makes people happy and laugh.  I love it when you say "Is that silly, Mommy?" - If I laugh at something once, you do it repeatedly just to see me laugh again and again.

I love...your sweet and tender side.  You can be fighting bad guys one second and the next you're crying over a sad part in Ice Age or lovingly rescuing me (as your princess) :)  Your preschool teachers have often told me you are the one to come to your classmate's sides and offer support when one of your friends is crying or sad.  I really hope you hang on to that sensitivity as you get older.

You are truly a special boy, Nathaniel!  Mommy and Daddy love you very much!  

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Sarah said...

I love this post! Turtle-Bug is such a fabulous little man, and I am honored to be his Aunt. I look foward to your top 10 for Alex!