Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow-icane 2010

When Mother Nature sends you a "Snow-icane", what do you do?

Take a vacation day from work and hang out at home with your boys, of course!

We hunkered down inside today and enjoyed some quiet time.  We snuggled.  We laughed.

Alex and I did some reading.

Firefighter Nate treated "En-Juries" sustained from some accident I was unfortunate enough to be a part of.  He put me on a stretcher and stabilized my wounded limbs. 

Then the boys got a little stir crazy so we tried to burn some energy by jumping in the couch cushions for a bit.

Once the weather lightened up a little, we were able to get outside to supervise Daddy while he snow blowed a few paths into our backyard so the boys and puppy had somewhere to run.  The snow was too deep, otherwise.  We got well over a foot of snow in our backyard.  It was up to my knees when I walked through it.  The dog was lost in the snow and Alex would have been lost if he had sat down at all.

Here is Alex standing up in the path Daddy snow blowed.

We ended the day with some warm hot cocoa and dry clothes.  Days like this make winter fun.  It can hang on a little longer, if it must.  At least I know Spring is just around the corner!

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