Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Fun

The other day while I was at work, Dave took Nathaniel and the puppy outside (Alex was napping) to build a snow fort.  When he said "snow fort" I pictured a pile of snow dug out so Nate could crawl in it or something.

But, no.

That's not what Dave had in mind.  He cleared off almost the whole yard (which had a LOT of snow!) to make this:

Nathaniel was so proud of "his castle" that he immediately wanted me to help him bundle up so he could go out and show me his fortress.

Alex was up by now so he got to go out and check it out, too.  I love when the weather in Western NY actually allows us to get snow, and get outside to enjoy it.  It's a rarity!

Nate was so proud to show off the castle "he" and Daddy had made.

Even Avery got in on the fun!

I do love winter through the eyes of my children!  But I also look forward to getting to take them outside without the 20 minutes of bundling up that's required first!


Sherry said...

Oh my, that's the best snow castle I've ever seen!! I bet the boys had a blast playing in that!

Tifkota said...

Next time Hubby irks you, just close your eyes and remember this amazing castle he built purely out of love for your boys. This one is worth at least 5 passes for being a grump. Wow!

jciravol said...

The 20 minute snowy unbundling is a treat too!

A Joyful Chaos said...

What a great snowfort!