Friday, February 19, 2010

Boo Bankie and Bedtime Bear

I want to introduce you to two of Nathaniel's best friends:
Boo Bankie and Bedtime Bear.

Boo Bankie (named by Nathaniel at a very young age) was a shower gift from Aunt Wendy.
Nate has many blankets but for some reason this blanket rose to the top of his favorites and quickly became his trusty go-to.  

Bedtime Bear (also Nathaniel-named) was the first baby thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant.  I wanted something small and cute to look at and start feeling all giddy about.  
The funny thing with Bedtime Bear is that Nathaniel never took any interest in him/her (?) until Alex was born.  When I dug out the bin of infant toys for Alex, Nathaniel found (the at that time unnamed) Bedtime Bear in there and now has to have him/her with him at all times.

I know no matter what to make sure we have Boo Bankie and Bedtime Bear with us wherever we go.  As long as they are in tow to alleviate any bumps in our road, we're fine.

I know someday Nathaniel will have moved on from these little tokens of comfort so I want to relish in them now, while safety and reassurance can still be found within the cotton threads of two well-loved childhood friends.

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