Saturday, January 2, 2010

Seeing Spots

It all started innocently enough with this:

Aside from that being the cutest child ever to grace this earth (besides, of course, my first child who ties him for first place) that not the most adorable sleeper you've ever laid eyes on?!?  When Alex was itty bitty he lived in this sleeper.  Mostly because I loved it.  In fact, I loved it so much I bought him two more, in different sizes.  One was a sleeping bag style and one was a size 6M that I figured he could grow into.  However, much to my dismay he was too big for this newborn sized one and too small for the bigger one while the season called for it and once he did fit that size, it was warm out (and FLEECE sleepwear is seldom a wise dressing choice in warm temperatures).  Darn him for not growing predictably!  :)

Anyway, this cute polka-dot sleeper, seems benign, right?  That is until I bought him this blanket:

And then there were these diapers, that I was SO excited to learn had gone from a Care Bears theme (when Nathaniel wore them) to beautiful blue and green POLKA DOTS!

And then the obsession unknowingly poured over into MY sleepwear:

and other fashion accessories:

Until finally, I found myself buying things just BECAUSE they had polka dots, regardless of whether or not we needed the things (receiving blankets, long after the swaddling stage...more blankets even though Alex has already decidedly chosen his favorites...a little handmade dinosaur lovey from Etsy because I thought it was too adorable to pass coffee mug...reusable coffee cup reusable shopping bag...a new lunch bag to carry my lunch to work in even though I already had one that I wasn't using).  All with polka dots.  I always had, I mean justifications:
*  Receiving blankets are light weight and would be useful to cover Alex up with in the cooler Spring and Autumn months when a fleece blanket was just too much.  
*  You can never use too many blankets, especially during those pesky cold Upstate NY winters.  
*  I am trying to be green and not have to waste all those cardboard coffee cup jackets they give you at the coffee shops.  
*  This shopping bag would be perfect to carry my stuff to and from work in, how hip and stylish am I?
*  I don't use my other lunch bag because it's ugly, and too big, and too bulky, and ugly (did I say that already?). 

Seriously people.  I think I have an issue.  At one time (albeit BRIEFLY) I  actually reconsidered re-doing the theme in Alex's nursery since they had since come out with an adorable polka-dot design in crib bedding, wall decals, mobile and such.  I'm not kidding.  It would have been A-DORABLE!  Problem?  Well, he was already almost a year old and it just wouldn't have made sense.  Weeks (maybe even days later) he was over the crib bumper stage anyway so it really would have been a waste.

(this is not the actual theme I had wanted to go with in my remodel dream, but this is fantastic, is it not?!)

I mean, really.  I picked a polka-dot theme for Alex's 1st birthday party and then called it a "gum ball" theme to make it not look like I wasn't just insane!  The invites, the cake, even the decorations were polka dotted.

I'm CRAZY for polka-dots!  Both of my blogs even have polka dots on them...I think I need help.  I'm scaring myself...


Shana said...

I love all the stuff. Now not to sound crazy but I have seen those diapers in a lot of pictures and I really NEED to know what kind they are so I can find some. I LOVE them. I also love polka dots lol. Blaze had the Carter's sleepers with the polka dots and giraffe in every size they had and I loved them. he also had the polka dot onsie that matched that. And a blanket I think.

Kristen said...

It looks like you've gone dotty for polka dots! :) But I can definitely relate to the desire to maintain cuteness in the wardrobes and decor of young boys. Why is it that little girls get pink and tutus and sparkles and little boys get army green and cargo pants and construction trucks?

Just popped over from Momalom and enjoyed my visit. I am also the mother of two young boys and your profile really resonates with me.

Heidi said...

This is very funny considering that even after you wrote this we were in the store oogling over polka dot stuff. Had the pj's not been too expensive you would have added another to your collection!