Monday, May 9, 2011

In a SNAP!

Yesterday I heard Avery outside barking incessantly.  Now, this is not unheard of for her, seeing as she barks at people going by, neighbors taking out their trash, dogs barking in the distance, and sometimes mysterious nothings that somehow threaten her sense of security.

So when I went to see what had her hackles up this time, I was surprised to see a GIANT turtle scurrying across our yard from the road.  Now, mind you, the road is a bit away from our front porch and I could make this thing out perfectly and it was BIG.  So, of course, as any good mother would do, I grabbed my camera and my 5-year-old to go investigate.

Up close this thing was even bigger than it seemed far away...and UGLY.  

Now, before you think I'm crazy, I've grown up here and am quite familiar with the evil snapping turtles that are indigenous to these parts.  So I knew enough not to get too close.  Snapping turtles are mean and FAST.  I was grateful to have a ditch between him and us.  But I had to use this as a learning lesson for Nathaniel so he knows not to just walk up to one and hold it like he has with other turtles in the past.

Thankfully my husband heard Nate excitedly screaming "a TURTLE?" before heading outside to join me so he was on our heels.  

He quickly assessed the situation and since this beast was heading into the water Alex quite frequently plays in, we decided it was not best that he (she?) stay.  So my husband demonstrated to Nate this turtle's powerful (and FAST!) snapping reaction, lectured him about their dangers, and then collected him up (humanely).  Then he and Nate took him (her?) away to a pond much farther away from our front yard.  

Dave said this thing probably weighed 20 lbs and had to be about 12-18 inches was huge.  I was glad to see it up close and learn about it...and even more glad to see it go.  Hopefully he (she?) will not be visiting again anytime soon.  At least if he (she?) does, Nathaniel has learned to steer clear and to make sure Alex does the same.  Always an adventure around here.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

You can call me Mommy...

I am a wife.

A co-worker.




I am an Aunt.

A niece.




I am a tax-payer.

A Republican.




I am a Step-Mom

A Daughter-in-Law



Former classmate.

But the one title I love the most is Mom.

Granted I don't always feel like I'm doing a great job in that title, but man does it have its benefits.  Far beyond a 401(k) and health insurance, motherhood has given me unconditional love, immeasurable joy, laughter, free entertainment, fun, wonderment, endless hugs and kisses, and a lifetime supply of ego boosts and mind stimulating challenges.

The two little boys who call me Mom are the most precious gifts in the world to me.  They are my life and I love every moment spent with them.  Even the most challenging times have a flip side - an "I sowee, Mommy" or a silly expression just to crack a smile.  So, today, amidst breakfast made for me by 4 little hands (and two big hands), homemade gifts, cards, and plants, coffee in the sun on the porch, and a shower of hugs and kisses, I am extra specially grateful for those precious boys who call me Mommy.  For without them I wouldn't be able to have this job that requires SO MUCH work and has SO MANY rich rewards for the time and energy spent.  Thank you, Nate & Alex for letting me learn, grow, (sometimes) experiment, laugh, and love with you.