Friday, July 30, 2010

In Limbo

Here I sit on July 30th in our old home, which we still own.  And while that's all well and good considering the high levels of anxiety I have about this move, it's still not what I was expecting come today when our contract specifically said we would close on or before July 30th.  I feel very much in limbo.  We sit in an echo-y shell of a home with no closing date in sight.  The majority of the house is packed up but there is a lot waiting on that "get out" phase (toothbrushes, necessities, every day items, etc.)  As I've told many people over the last week, I'd just like a closing date so I know what else to pack.  Living out of a box or a suitcase for a few days is different than doing it (with two small children) for a week or two.  I'd just like to know and get this ridiculous holding pattern we're stuck in moving...

I tend to be a relatively flexible, easy-going person but c'mon already!  This process has been going on for months and I just want it over with.  It's difficult explaining to a 4-year-old why practically everything he owns is in a box that he doesn't have access to.  I've calmed many a fear that we might forget a prized possession, and headed more than one gentle reminder "not to forget to pack" this, that or the other thing to bring it to the new house.  Nate doesn't have a bed set up anymore so the last few nights he's been randomly picking where he wants to sleep...under his brother's crib (bunk-bed style), in the middle of his packed room (on the floor), in his empty closet, on the couch in the living room.  It'll make his last few days here fun, I guess.

So, as I spin my wheels, grit my teeth, and try not to get frustrated with this whole process, I will use this calm before the storm to soak in the last memories and details of our home here on Avery Street, and start planning the fun things to look forward to in our future!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


As you (certainly) know by now...we're moving from the City, to the 'burbs.  And when I say "'burbs", I mean small town, corn fields, cow pastures, graduating class of 65 people.  We have 5 acres of land to roam and neighbors we may actually have a real conversation with once in a while!

The downside of living that far away from civilization (besides the obvious 40 minute commute to work I'm not looking forward to!) is the luxuries I've grown accustomed to having nearby.  Libraries, grocery stores, malls, friends.  I started keeping a list of these and was taken by the little numbers.  I better get used to BIGGER numbers soon!

2.4 miles to BJs Wholesale Club (groceries and gas)
6.5 miles to work
.67 miles from the closest Dunkin Donuts 
1.06 miles to the Dollar General
2.5 to Family Dollar
1.09 miles to our favorite Chinese Restaurant 
.68 miles to our coveted pizza place
4.89 miles to WalMart
2.45 miles to Wegmans
3.9 miles to Tops
1.23 miles from Aldi
5 miles from the mall
5 miles to Target
.31 miles from Wilson Farms where we frequented for bread and milk A LOT!
.53 miles away from the library at the end of our street (which we didn't take advantage of NEARLY enough!)
1.14 miles to the bank

In less than a week we won't live less than 10 miles from ANYWHERE so I definitely will miss the proximity to things!  I guess I'll just have to spend more time at home!?!  :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook...July 27, 2010

FOR TODAY...July 27, 2010

Outside my window...Glorious sunshine. 

I am thinking...about the family of a friend who lost her life in a tragic motorcycle accident over the weekend.  It's a painful reminder how short life can be.  

I am thankful family, the time I am given with them.  The love they give to me and all that they teach me each and every day.

From the's pretty empty these days.  Three days from our (still undetermined, yet potential) closing date.  We sold our stove on Craigslist so we've been doing a lot of cereal and sandwich type dinners, as well as eating out.  I don't mind the eating out, but it's severely impeding my progress towards weight loss - I had hoped to be more successful at by now.

I am of the only things that fit (both my body and my self esteem) appropriately.  I long for the period of big fluffy dresses that could hide these "problem areas".

I am focus on the positive...the good things about moving on.  It's very easy to get stuck on the things I will miss, the changes that we'll have to make.  I must remember to look at the silver lining.

I am creating...a list of people to call - utilities to transfer, cancel, start...address to change...etc.

I am going...home to pack the basement, I hope.  My sister is coming over to keep tabs on the boys for me while I make some progress.  The rest of the house is in good shape - we're just in a holding pattern.  Waiting for a closing date so we know if/when we should throw the last of the stuff in a box...I can live out of a box for a few days but if it's going to be a week or more, I'd rather wait.  I just wish I knew!

I am reading...ha!  That's a good one!

I am survive this week, get settled in to the new place, and resume some semblance of normalcy.  I worry about all the new changes, schedules, patterns, routines.  I know we will be fine, but I still worry.

I am iPod.  I am loving my iPod lately.

Pondering these words..."Never look down on anyone . . . unless you are helping them up".. - Erin Majors

Around the house...full boxes stacked tall - empty corners, closets, and drawers. 

On my mind...the closing, the move, the calling hours and funeral for Lucille, a grant that's due Friday, the kids' well-being. 

Noticing that...I'm a stress-eater.  I used to think it was because I was bored, but I've realized I eat to avoid tackling things that stress me out or to avoid having to think about makes sense, really.  I get anxiety over stressful things and eating makes me happy so would I rather stress or eat?!?! to do something about it and counter-act the effects of the last few weeks (years!?!)  :) 

A few plans for the rest of the week: closing on both houses, moving, unpacking, settling-in, Hilton Carnival/Parade, Calling Hours/Funeral...

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

First and Last

As I see the light at the end of the tunnel looming and I look to the inevitable "lasts" (last dinner in our kitchen, last night sleeping here, last romp in the backyard), I find myself overwhelmed with sadness, anxiety, and nostalgia.

My cousin made reference on Facebook the other day to the latest Miranda Lambert song, The House That Built Me.  And while this house didn't build me from the ground up as The Homestead did, I do feel like it has molded me in many ways.  As I think about the "lasts" that are just around the corner, I'm reminded by all the "firsts" we've had here, too.

First house - First (and second) baby welcomed here - We got married here, had (semi-) annual New Year's Eve and Summer parties here, even hosted our first Thanksgiving and Christmas here.

We've had a lot of fun, shared a lot, grown a lot.  Anyone who really knows me knows I don't handle change well.  Specifically "moving on" change.  I don't part well with old belongings, I fear new beginnings and loathe big unknowns.  This move has all of those things associated with it so I just want to get this next week over with.  But instead of mourning the upcoming "lasts", I will cherish them and try to remember they are merely finishing the chapter that all those "firsts" began.  As my sister-in-law, Debbie, said..."New memories await!"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adirondack Rescue

I am supposed to be busy packing but as I was going through photos from our glorious (long) weekend Up North, I saw these photos that tell a story so I thought I'd share them.

There was a tragic accident on Route 812 heading from Croghan into Lowville...
Luckily, a Welder/Hunter/Firefighter was on duty that night...
The brave fireman shed his equipment and ran to the rescue!
He began immediately administering first aid to the victim.
I'm pretty sure his technique involved some CPR and supportive words of encouragement like "I'm a trained per-fessional" and "A-yex, you're dead, lay down".
The brave firefighter decided he must move the victim to safety.
The victim was uneasy about this plan of action.
As victim 1 was handed off to the ambulance staff, the brave firefighter found a second victim in need of medical/hero assistance.
He thoroughly assessed the situation and decided that victim 2 was fine.

The end.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's The Little Things...Manners

I spent the last 6 days up North in the Adirondacks for some family gatherings and R&R with my boys, Mom & Dad, Sister and niece, and brother and sister-in-law.   We had a baby shower for my brother and s-i-l and my soon-to-be nephew.  We also had a Stanton Family Reunion to see relatives (some of whom I've never met) from my paternal grandmother's side of the family.  It was great to see many of my aunts, uncles, and cousins that I don't get to see very often.  The Lewis County Fair was in full swing, and we had a get together with my Mom's side of the family, complete with fresh clams and lobster (yum!!!) With all the festivities that were going on, my boys were contending with screwy bedtimes, non-existent or shortened naps, and long days full of strange, new people.  

Generally under these circumstances, my 4-year-old tends to get a little rude and/or mouthy.  When he's overtired or has had enough, he tends to act out by being loud, uncooperative, and sometimes just plain mean.  Not this weekend though.  I was so proud of him this weekend.  He met many a strange face and when introduced he'd walk right up to said stranger, stick out his hand, and say "Hi , I'm Nate...nice to meet you."  He even impressed an older woman at one gathering who bid me adieu that night with a HUGE compliment, saying I had "such sweet boys" and that "I was a good mother for raising them up right", with good manners.  Proud as a peacock I was with Nathaniel this weekend.  Sure he had his moments, but he really proved to me what a big boy he is becoming and gave me a glimpse of hope that I may, in fact, be doing something right. 

Join Heidi over at Starts at Eight in highlighting the little things that make a BIG difference along this path called Motherhood.  Sometimes it's these updrafts that keep us afloat just long enough to catch the next tailwind.   

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happiness is...

fresh blueberries!!

Oh how I love fresh berries in the summer.  Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, name it!  I love berries!  I love picking them, I love cooking with them, and I especially love eating them!

As I was eating these simple treats, I stopped to enjoy them and realized how happy and content I was eating them so I felt compelled to then take photos of these tiny little purple jewels.

Just another reason why I love summer...fresh blueberries to mix in my yogurt, garnish cereal with, or just plain munch on.  Yum, yum, yum!  

Sunday, July 11, 2010

You're Gonna Miss This...Flowers

When we bought this house we decided to wait, as most people do, a full year before doing anything with the gardens to see what was there as it came up.

I often feel like I hit the jackpot as far as gardens go.  Mine have always been horribly neglected and unkempt (I am not a gardner, by any means!) and they probably could have benefited from some redesign or basic TLC, but the flowers that came up every year with little to no effort were some of my absolute favorites!!

In the Spring, I get the most beautiful daffodils and hyacinths.  Just as Winter has chilled me to the bone, the promise of beauty peeks through the ground and reminds me that warm temperatures are coming!

Shortly after, the tulips come in the most beautiful reds, yellows, pink, and even this purple-white variety. I love tulips!

In May the lilacs come out.  I grew up surrounded by lilacs and always wanted my own.  However, this house didn't come with any, so for Mother's Day, the year Nate was born, Dave bought me a lilac tree (bush?) to plant in our yard.  The year after, I got another one (purple, this time!) to plant right next to it.  They've gotten quite large in the 4 years since we planted them and I will miss them when we're gone!  I wish I could bring them with us!  I love the smell when they bloom and they're so pretty!

Peonies are gorgeous.  I remember my Mom telling me a story about how she loves peonies because they always bloom around my birthday.  There's something so beautiful about peonies, even with their ant infestations, and fragile petals.  They're so full and they're among my favorites in the whole world!  Our neighbor had the most beautiful row of peonies separating our house and his driveway.  When his house was foreclosed on, the house stood vacant for quite some time.  I would sneak over and cut a few peonies at a time to enjoy while no one was there to appreciate it.  One day in the Fall, I came home and Dave had "transplanted" some of our neighbor's peonies into our garden so for the last few years we've had our very own to enjoy.  The peonies in that yard grew back with nary a hole.  Again, I wish I could bring some of them with me but I will be sure to plant new ones, and in different colors, too!

When I worked for DES, my boss gave me a little hosta to bring home for the new house.  I planted it in the back yard and then Frodo (our first dog) proceeded to destroy it every time it came up.  Since he's been gone, the hosta has taken over my garden in the back.  It is huge and healthy.  Dave transplanted some of my hosta to a planter we can move with us so I will still have this one!

At our first house party after we bought the house, a 9-1-1 friend brought us a beautiful pot with hens and chickens in it.  The pot got blown over in a storm and broke so Dave replanted the survivors in our back garden.  Since then they have survived many cold winters buried under feet of snow and have multiplied like little bunny rabbits.  We'll be taking some of these with us to infiltrate our new gardens as well.  

Random other flowers grow around our house all year long.  We have one lone Iris (or is it a gladiola??) that grows once each year and usually gets blown over within days of blooming.  We (used to) have two wiegelia bushes that Dave has since grown tired of and taken out but they used to bloom beautifully.  Clovers and dandolions are plentiful in our yard as well!  And while some may deem them "weeds", I still think they're pretty.


In the Spring the cherry blossoms and the crab apple tree are just gorgeous!  (More on that to come later!! )

The possibilities at the new house will be fun and I look forward to building a new collection of favorites while incorporating some of my old ones.  I can't wait to see what 'springs' up in my new gardens!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 on 10: July 2010

For this month's 10 on 10 (10 photos taken once an hour for 10 hours on the 10th of the month), I decided to do it You're Gonna Miss This style to keep in line with the other posts I've been writing about things around my house that I'm gonna miss when we move in a couple weeks.

So, please join me on a photo spread of some of the details I'm going to miss on Avery Street when we move to our new adventure into wide open space.  There are many more, but here are a few I captured...

Our mailbox.  It was nice just having to open our door to get the mail.  I'll miss that luxury when I'm walking to the end of the driveway in the middle of January through 3 feet of snow to get the mail at our new house.

This tree grows out front and has always intrigued me.  I'm not sure what type it is (I call it the "camo tree") but it's beautiful!  

Our fenced in backyard.  Yes, we're moving to 5 acres (instead of .23) but our backyard now is pretty fabulous, especially for the City!  I love our backyard, the size, the privacy, the memories.  This isn't the best photo of the yard, but it gives you the idea.

The fake security camera my husband installed to ward off hoodlums after we had our first issues with property damage/theft.

Our huge (2.5 car, attached!) garage that is also nearly unheard of in the City.  We watched a lot of thunderstorms from this garage, had actual garage sales, parked two cars, stored various toys, tools, other motor vehicles, and always had somewhere for the kids to play, even on rainy days!  We even had our first dinner in the new house on a card table in this garage and watched a street fight taking place down the road.  Ah, good times.

The afternoon sun coming in our front door/windows always casts such a warm glow on our orange living room.  

Our "veranda".  Ah, so fabulous.  We entertained quite a bit out here, watched the kids play, sipped our morning coffee on warm Spring mornings.  It wasn't much, but it was ours.

The house number and the stone on the front of the house.  Just little details I want to remember.

I loved the sidewalks for the kids to ride on, walk on.  Our new street won't have sidewalks so that will take some getting used to.

This one is sort of random, but I really like this built in cabinet.  It served a lot of purposes over the years (DVDs/videos, trinkets, books, toys) but it adds character to this little area.