Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WARNING: Erratic Thinking Ahead!!

I stumbled upon this "feature" on a blog I frequent called Confessions of a Moody Mommy (via another blog she reads and borrowed it from called The Un Mom) and seeing as I have a bazillion posts that contain little more than a few stray sentences that never quite had the clarity to come together as real posts, I thought I'd take those thoughts and spew them here in one big GLOB of random thinking. That way nothing has to have a logical flow - hence the RANDOMNESS. So here is an invitation into my head...but don't say I didn't warn you!

*It pains me how wasteful we are in today's society. I drive down City streets on my way to work and on garbage days people have PILES of stuff loaded on the curb outside their houses. I mean perfectly good, USEABLE stuff. Yet because it's not immediately needed, or can't be stored, or whatever the reason, it becomes trash. It's just easier. Things today are made to be disposable and expendable. If the batteries die, it's useless. No one knows how to FIX anything anymore, even the simplest things. It's really a lost skill. And it's extremely disheartening. I watched this video over a year ago and it's haunted me every since. I highly recommend watching it. It's well worth 20 minutes of your life to really learn something. Unfortunately for me, it was largely depressing and made me feel hopelessly out of control. But someday I hope to be empowered to BE THE CHANGE I HOPE TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

*I'm pretty sure whoever engineered and designed sippy cups was a spawn of the devil. Seriously, were they ever market tested or focus-grouped? I have yet to find one that's durable, functional, AND easy to clean (have you SEEN all the nooks and crannies in those things?!?). Now think of all the gunk that collects in those nooks, especially while said sippy cup is hiding in the bathroom cupboard where your three-year-old hid it from his baby brother and then promptly forgot about it until it was stumbled upon a week later with some solid substance in it that looked like it could have at one time been milk. Now THAT'S a real world test!

*There are very few things in this world better than that initial feeling you get when you crawl into bed and your head hits the pillow at the end of a hard day. I love that feeling.

*This morning while blow-drying my hair I heard Alex pounding at the door and crying because he wanted to get in. Of course, Nate just walks in if he wants to and I thought "it's just a matter of time before Alex sees how Nate does that and learns to do it himself, which will be a lot sooner than Nate did it, I'm sure". Then I racked my brain trying to figure out how old Nate was when he learned to open doors himself and I couldn't for the life of me even ballpark it. I realize it shouldn't because that's silly, but why does that make me feel like a bad mother? Like I'm failing him somehow by not being able to spout back to him (in 20 years) the age at which he started opening doors. I mean really, is that ridiculous? I guess on some level I realize it is. But tell my brain that. Perhaps I should refocus that negative energy on the fact that I haven't written anything in either of their baby books since Alex was born. Yikes!

I was wondering recently, do you think people drive cars that fit their personalities? I mean tough guys seem to drive trucks, flashy people tend to choose bright colored cars or sports cars. Does anyone else see this as true amongst people you know? I suppose that's why they make so many styles, colors, etc. But if this is the case, I might be worried. See, my cars have ALWAYS been pretty non-de-script. An American Idol judge would no doubt call my choice of vehicles "safe". I could easily blend into traffic and get lost in a crowd. So what does that say about ME? Not that this should be about ME, but I was just wondering what you guys think...

ANYWAY, that's enough of a picture into my bizarre thought patterns for one day. Come back next week for more randomness.

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