Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Story

Once upon a time...

there was a beautiful princess, named Brielle.

It just so happened that this beautiful princess had a fabulous Mommy who had been friends with the Mommy of a handsome prince since they, themselves, were little.

The prince, Nathaniel, was born four short months before his princess.  Little did he know that the love of his life was about to sweep in and become his best friend, his cohort, his partner in crime (or at least his partner at the playground, zoo, museum, etc.).

At first they played coy.
Merely stealing glances.
They pretended not to notice the other.
"Eh, she's kinda' cute.", he would say.

Then one day, their eyes met.
 It was all hugs and kisses from there.
The princess and her prince went on MANY adventures together.  There was little they did without the other.  They had cute "pet names" for each other, like "Buddee" and "Free" (Or "Bee").

Watching these two is adorable.  It's easy to say we (the Mommies) push them into it but it's not so.  They just naturally love each other.  Nathaniel is over the moon at the mention of Brie's name and lights up when he sees her.  Sure, I love that they get along.  I love that when they don't get along they're merely squabbling like brother and sister.  And I love that even in Brie's absence, she is still all Nathaniel talks about.  It's true what they say about your first love, I think.  

They're like an old married couple in miniature version.  
They laugh together, they talk, they speak for each other, they whisper and connive, they giggle, they argue, they cry, they come to each other's aid and protection.  
Sometimes they just play quietly side by side.  
Yet the one is still there when the other needs him/her.  

Brie + Nate...sitting in a tree.  

I  can't explain it.  
I only hope it lasts. 
I'm not saying they have to get married.  
Obviously I have no say or control there.  
(Even if I do jokingly call Brie, Nate's "wife".)
I just hope that no matter what, they learn what true friendship is from each other and stay friends.

Either way, right now it's great to witness!  
Even more wonderful since the Mommy of this true princess is one of my closest and dearest friends and I love the time we spend together.  The "adventures" we've been on are fantastic, plentiful... 
and unending.

Thanks for sharing your time, your beautiful daughter, and your friendship with me, Tiff! 
I love you both!
We love you both!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and the loves in your life!

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Tifkota said...

I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Oh my goodness, Love. That was so beautiful. I am witness to their adorable relationship, but to see it in pictures and to digest your wonderful narration just made me see it with so much more beauty. Thank you for this. WE will treasure it forever. I look forward to seeing how their life-long relationship will grow and change. All the while sipping our lattes together on the sidelines. "Grow old with me, the best is yet to come...." Love you and your boys!!! xoxo
PS- I read this to Brie and she said "There's my Nate!" Such an amazing love they have. (sigh)