Monday, February 22, 2010

Learn Something


This is a new blog project for Amy over at Bring Yourself. I absolutely adore this idea so I am taking part (sporadically, I'm sure, but I'll do what I can...)

You know the old saying, if you're not learning, you're dying...and who can't stand to learn more? I feel as though the 30s has been primarily the age of introspective learning for me, about me: how I tick, why I tick, learning to accept myself the way I am. As I learn these things, it's important to share and at least document the journey. What a great way to do it!

As Amy writes here:
  "This project is about learning in a different way. I want to learn different things. Instead of big, earth shattering things, I want to learn things that are important to me. I want to find things out about myself and the places I go. I want to explore and investigate the world. Even if that is just by taking my dogs for a walk in the woods or having a conversation with someone I don't know.
  As soon as I learn something, I am going to write it down on the nearest scrap of paper. I will photograph it there and then and share it with you. The sharing will be a part of the learning."

I love it. Will others join me?

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Heidi said...

Of course I will join you. Seeing as I am ever your loyal follower! I am never the leader, always in the middle of the pack following someone else! Not sure how well I will be able to carry this one out, but I will give it a try!