Monday, February 8, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook...February 8, 2010

FOR TODAY...February 8, 2010

Outside my window...the snow is flying.  It's gray and miserable looking. 
I am thinking...of all the things left undone after the busy weekend.  Laundry, cleaning, my LONG to-do list, etc.
I am thankful for...Nathaniel waking up WITHOUT a black eye after yesterday's boy vs. tree sledding adventure.  His forehead looks MUCH better today.  The swelling has gone down and the bruise isn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be yesterday!
From the kitchen...Nathaniel and I will be in the kitchen later tonight to work on finishing up his Valentine's Day cards for his class.  On Friday we made heart shaped "chunky crayons" (post with photos to follow shortly!) to attach to a valentine that we will (hopefully) make tonight.  Dave is home tonight to keep Alex occupied so Nate and I should get some good one-on-one time to crank on this project.
I am typical work day garb - dress pants, sweater, heels.  Looking VERY forward to being able to slip into my comfy pants at the end of this day.
I am remembering...a hundred blog post ideas I've had swimming around in my head lately.  I have more than 45 "ideas" in draft form that require a good brain day to eloquently form into a complete thought that's worth sharing.  And I have more things I want to say/share by the minute!
I am creating...a plan for Nathaniel's newly settled upon firefighter themed 4th birthday party.  I've even contemplated making (I KNOW!) his invitations and found a tutorial on YouTube to make an awesome fire truck cake. It looks easy enough but I'm a bit of a "mess in the kitchen" (as my husband would say).  We'll see. 
I am look at a litter of puppies tonight with the boys.  Call me crazy but we're keeping an open mind at the possibility of expanding our family by four legs.  MAYBE.
I am reading...nothing.  I have a hard time keeping up with the magazines that come in the mail much less anything remotely stimulating for my brain.  I have several books on my "want to read" list though.  Including Dear John, and many others.
I am get to bed early tonight.  Last night was a rough sleeping night.  I went to bed VERY late (restless brain syndrome) and the boys each had me up more than once so whatever sleep I did get was choppy and broken. 
I am hearing..idle chit chat and a plane somewhere in the distance.
Pondering these words...If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it. - Olin Miller
It's so true and I realize it on one hand but am utterly defenseless to change me and my evil procrastinating ways.  Call me a martyr, I guess.  I'm a glutton for punishment. 
Around the house...the boys are playing. 
On my ever growing to-do list.  Both at home and at work.  I wish I could just shop online for the motivation I so desperately need to simply tackle my responsibilities head on.
Noticing that...the more aware of myself I become, the worse it makes things.
One of my favorite morning cup of coffee.  I never used to be a coffee drinker but it has slowly crept into my morning routine and now it's a must.  Not so much for the actual caffeine, but for the familiarity and the comfort.  It's just part of my day and without it, I can tell a difference in how my day goes.
A few plans for the rest of the week:  We have to finish up the valentines for Nathaniel's class, tomorrow is the next show (Spring Awakening) in my RBTL season ticket pass with Nancy,  Nathaniel has his yearly check-up with the eye doctor tomorrow, Walk and Talk with Heidi, parent/teacher conference for Nathaniel on Thursday, Valentine's Day Party at Nate's school, and a long weekend with (all of!) my boys!   Busy, busy!
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

One of the reasons we're contemplating a dog for the boys...This is Lincoln, my sister's dog.  Alex is terrified of him (all dogs, actually) but warms up quickly and spent all night recently following the dog around with a basket of dog food and feeding him one piece at a time.  Nathaniel is obsessed with all the dogs in our family (Aunt Sarah's, Aunt Wendy & Uncle Noah's, Grandma & Grandpa's) and would (hopefully) be a little less obsessive about them if he had one of his own.  We'll see how tonight goes.  We're still in the very early stages of our move towards the possibility of owning one.


Heidi said...

I am anxious to see how those Valentine's turned out. I had almost forgotten about finishing Ava's up for Thursday!

Heidi said...

Ok, so I went back and watched the "Fire Truck Cake" video. You can totally do that yourself! It looks really cute!