Friday, February 22, 2013

Hop Hop

Just thought I'd hop in to say hello!!  It's been quite a while since I've shared any happenings and quite a lot has been going on!  We have been BUSY!  The boys and I are constantly on the go with boy scouts, swimming lessons, judo, school work, and social activities.  I've barely had time to keep up!!

But I did want to (quickly!) introduce you to the newest members of our family!!  As of today we have three new members, actually...

Meet Ashur (Hebrew for "Black"):

Smokey (Alex's Bunny)

and Reeses (Nate's)

They are our six-week-old New Zealand rabbits (mine, Ashur, is a New Zealand/Californian mix) and the boys love them already!!  They are so good with them!  They have snuggled them all day!  

I love how laid back and relaxed Smokey looks with Alex...he seems so calm with him.  Alex is either the Bunny Whisperer or Smokey knows he can trust him already. 

Alex "donated" his baby comb to the bunnies to help care for them.

Nate could hang out and watch TV with Reeses all day long.  Two buds, just hanging.