Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mr. Science x2

Nate has shown an interest recently in science.  He found a penny in the driveway a few months ago and proceeded to marvel when I soaked it in some white vinegar to clean it up.  Ever since then, he's perked up at the very hint of anything to experiment with/on.

So, for Christmas this year, I requested science-y (total word!) things to encourage his curiosities.  As usualy, his Aunt Wendy (my brother's wife) came through in spades.  He scored a rocket kit, a clock kit to build using a lemon (!), and a really cool crystal growing kit.

Being fresh out of lemons and with it only 26 degrees outside with a windchill near single digits (and I am NOT launching OR building a rocket in my house!), we opted for the crystal experiment.

The boys suited up in protective gear.  (Hey, it was recommended and as you know, my firefighter boys take safety very seriously!)

I gave them each their tasks and we got to work measuring, pouring, mixing, and sprinkling.

Then came the waiting.

Not so easy for a 4 and 6-year-old, but I promised them the payoff would be well worth the wait.

A mere 20 or so hours later, the boys "checked on" their crystals and found this...

 According to the directions, the crystals will reach optimum size in 4-7 days, at which time we can drain off the liquid, dry them out, and put a top on the jar to keep them indefinitely!

I think it's pretty cool and the boys like to check on them every few hours to see what (if anything) has changed.  Such fun!

Stay tuned!  I'll (try to remember to) share the final result!

Hello 2013

I had really wanted to do a summary of 2012 or write some goals for the new year, but as mentioned yesterday, I'm simply blank.  I have written a few posts to share stories and photos from the past few days/weeks so I will bypass general order and perhaps post on the previous year/new year at a later date/time, but not tonight.  Instead I will forgo my self imposed obligations and forge headlong into 2013 with stories I don't want to forget!

In the meantime, I welcome 2013 in with optimistic hopes and high, yet realistic expectations for this fresh beginning!  I wish all my family and friends happiness, health, love and joy!

May 2013 be good to you.