Friday, February 5, 2010

I love...(Alexander edition)

Yesterday I posted a list of ten things I love most about Nathaniel.  There are so many things I love about my boys but I am trying to write down some of the more memorable characteristics and traits before they move on to new and different things.  

So here are the top ten things I love about my baby, Alex:


I love...the way you squint your eyes when you smile really big and how your face just lights up and brightens even my darkest days (or MORNINGS!)

I love...the way you fall face first into your mattress/blankets when you see us come in your room as if you're playing peek-a-boo or trying to pretend you're sleeping.  It's adorable!

I love...the way you head butt ever so gently as a sign of affection  - like a bunny who rubs their chin on things to mark their territory - You rub your forehead on us as if to say "I love you"!  It's priceless!

I love...the cute little, one-of-a-kind birthmark you have on your tongue, my little puppy-boy!  It's fading day by day and I wish it would stay forever.

I love...the way you happily bounce on your butt when music starts playing!  You'll march in place and swing your arms, or twirl in a circle and clap.  It makes me so happy to watch you jiggle it!

I love...your raspberries. And the cute way you twang your lip to make that Blub Blub sound.  You're so stinking cute!  It melts my heart!

I love...the way you put your head on my shoulder and play bashful when a stranger says hello to you.

I love...the way you scale the couch, bed, gate, chair, and changing table.  You're a climber and a wily little fellow.  When you were little you used to wrap your feet around my arm when I was feeding you your nighttime bottle, like a little monkey.

I love...that eskimo kisses make you laugh!  In fact, I just love your laugh, period.  The way you laugh at your brother when he's not even trying to be funny.  The way you laugh when we play peek-a-boo, or "Where's Alex?", or monster, or pretty much anything, really.  It's a full-on belly laugh and it makes me smile every time!

I smart you are and how quickly you are learning things.  I certainly don't want you to grow up so fast, but you catch on to things so fast!  I love that you can say "yes" (or "da!") or no when asked questions.  It helps in communicating with you immensely!  You're picking up on words very quickly and always seem to understand everything I say which helps when I'm telling you not to do something!

You are my sunshine, Alex.   You brighten up even the darkest of days!  You might be a little instigator but you are so sweet!  I know, too, that as much as your brother says you drive him nuts, he loves you something awful and we can tell by the way he sneaks his arm around you when you sit down with him on your couch or looks out for you when we least expect it.  We love you, Digger Fuzz Bucket!!  

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Heidi said...

Alex looks like Nathanial in this picture. They grow up so fast! Every moment has to be important because it will slip away before you know it! As I dig through pictures tonight for upcoming blogs I am enjoying going through the kids baby years. I am grateful to you for the inspiration to start my blog as I am finding it a fun way to make connections with the things from the past to things now.