Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lotsa Valentines!

I admit, when Nathaniel brought home this utterly adorable bag of Valentines yesterday, I was more than a little excited to look at them with him.  I asked him half a dozen times yesterday if he wanted to show them to me and he kept saying "No, not now" or "Maybe later".  I was twitching to take a peek at these!

Unlike Charlie Brown, I fondly remember the days of exchanged valentines.  I would read into every little pre-fab greeting thinking that just because "Steve" or "Mike" gave me the card that said I was cute that surely they must truly mean it or they would have hand picked a different greeting from the selection.

Now, of course, Nathaniel is not at that stage yet.  But it was a fond remembrance anyway.

So, tonight, after Alex went to sleep, I asked Nate again if he wanted to look at his valentines and he finally agreed!

It was so fun to see the cute little valentines these kids made (with help from their parents, of course!).  But what was even better was Nate oohing and ahhing over them.

He would get super excited that Aidan gave him a Spiderman valentine because "he loves Spiderman!" or say "Oh, isn't that nice!" when I'd read him the cute saying on one from Ava or Cooper.

We talked about his friends at school, Matthew D. and Matthew B, Quinn, Brooke, May, Jack and Cooper.  He told me about their pets names, what they like to do, the fun they have together.  It was such fun!

He loved the valentines with trinkets (pencils, stamps, stickers, candy)!  Especially his "MMMs"!

Going through these hand crafted paper hearts with lace doilies and mounds of glitter was a great window into his world.  I'm glad to have shared it.  And I look forward to next year and the stories that will come home in a paper bag of trinkets from the friends my son has made along the way.

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