Thursday, March 4, 2010

RIP Naked Baby

Rochester: February 28, 2010. Naked Baby was predeceased by Howdy Doody and Captain Kangaroo. She is survived by a faithful owner, Shana, and a loving partner in crime, Nathaniel. She is also survived by her friends: Alex, Bolt, Bedtime Bear, and Firehouse Dog.

Naked Baby was a welcome member of our family. She was born "Baby Tender Doll" in 1975 to the Mattel family and joined our family a few short years later. She grew up with a happy girl who loved her so much she cut her hair, styled it frequently, and even painted lipstick on her lips with nail polish to make her look pretty. She kissed many people with a simple squeeze to her tummy that made her pucker up. In her later years Naked Baby's 30+ year old clothing became tattered and the elastic grew tired. She then shed her clothing on a semi-regular basis until such time that Nathaniel kept her naked 24/7, thereby giving her the new name, Naked Baby.

A Celebration of Naked Baby's life will be held in Nathaniel's "office" (bedroom), at the end of the hall on Saturday, March 6, 2010, at 2:00 P.M. (private prior interment). In lieu of flowers, please honor her life with a comment at the end of this post.

Naked Baby
1975 - 2010
Faithful Friend, Loyal Companion.
She will be missed.

Literally...loved to death.


Tifkota said...

Oh my goodness, no! Not his partner in crime! This really is too sad. Is there nothing you can do to "save" her? There is a doll hospital in North Chili that might be able to repair her for the sake of posterity. I know I am enabling your inner pack-rat, but after seeing these pictures of their times together, it breaks my heart. Naked Baby is Nate's Woody the Cowboy (as is Bolt). If it must be, it will be, and I will observe a moment of silence, and thank her for bringing so much joy and companionship to our beloved Nate. (Now he has Alex to hold by the hair and feed.)

Heidi said...

Oh no! Mamma had a baby and it's head popped off!!

Pam said... there seriously something wrong with me? No, I mean, like at the core of my being, there is some sort of warping that's happened. You see, I actually cried at this! No, I, actual tears. And in my heart, some sort of tragic sadness. Like when learn a friend's dog died. I am so sad! I feel sad for both you and Nate...Naked Baby has been such an important presence for both of you! She's been a constant; a rock of sorts. I am keeping you all in my heart and I know that this grieving is important for both of you, but I'm here for support if and when you need it!!