Friday, March 26, 2010

Alex: 18 Months...546 days...13,104 hours...786,240 minutes of you.

It's hard to believe, but Alex is 18-months-old tomorrow!  He has grown up so quickly, even more so than I think Nate did!  He has his older brother to look up to and learn from and it's making a BIG difference!

Digger Fuzz Bucket
You say:
Cheers - "Chiz"
Bite - "Byee"
Ball, apple, orange, anything round - "Bah"
Dip - "Dip, dip"
Outside - "Sigh"
Thanks - "Dunk"
Dog - "Dah"
Good Girl - "Goo Goo"
Yes - "Da" or "Ya"
Pacifier - "Fweh"
You also say: "No", Brother", "Sit", "Hello", "Whoa", "Honk", "Hot", "Tickle, Tickle", "Ma Ma", "Daddy"," Truck" "socks", "Shoes", "uh-oh", "blanket", and "Bye, Bye" (among others I'm sure I'm forgetting!)

You are so tiny and so nimble and quick.
You still wear 12 month clothes (and even some 9 month!)
(I'll find out on Monday how much you weigh and add it here.)

You are the happiest boy I easy going and sweet.
You're shy and cautious.
You're a fantastic little monkey.
You're a trouble maker, too.
You like to start trouble with your brother and know just what buttons to push.
You love your blue blanket and your pacifier.
You want to be outside as soon as you wake up in the morning!

You laugh and play games like "Where's Alex?" and "Peek-a-boo" 
You communicate very well for your's very refreshing!  You can answer yes and no questions and tell us what you want and when you're all done. 
You jump.
You scream.

You dance by throwing your arms up in the air and spinning in circles!
You love throwing balls and riding horses (Giddy up!).
Bathtime is your favorite part of the day.  You could play in water all day!  (Splash, Splash!)
You're an excellent sleeper.
And you eat all the time.  From the second you get up you want to eat.  It's amazing you're so little!

You love giving Avery hugs...and squeezing her...and laying on her....and trying to ride her.
You snuggle and give LOTS of kisses.
You listen very well and are very patient.
You tend to be sensitive and cry relatively easily. 
You have the biggest eyes and the most beautiful smile.
It's infectious and brightens my darkest days.

I love you, my sunshine!

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Sherry said...

Happy 18 Month Birthday, Alex!! They grow sooo quickly, don't they? My little guy also still easily wears his 12 month clothes, and he's nearly 21 months old. At least we're getting some use out of them, huh? :)