Friday, March 19, 2010

The Master of Disguise

Nathaniel is known for his wild imagination, dramatic flair, and theatrical ways.  He is a character, through and through.

Just what or who that character is, however, is always up for interpretation and is anybody's guess.  And it changes daily, err...hourly.

Some people listen for the pitter patter of tiny feet to know their children are awake in the morning.  I know Nathaniel is up for the day when I hear gear being loaded and garb being chosen.  There's no pitter patter.  There are only thuds and bangs and rustles as he picks out his outfit, loads up his equipment, and mounts his horse, fire truck, or motorcycle to head noisily down the hall.

I (literally!) have 100's of photos like these.  He is a sheer master of disguise!  From princesses to knights, firefighters to police officers, pirates to cowboys (and every combination in between!) he is a CHARACTER!  I fully expect to see him on stage someday!  
Your imagination is fabulous, Bug!  I love the world you live in!  
Thanks for adding a definite flair to my life!

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Tifkota said...

These are great!!!!! Kudos to you for providing him with lots of choices in apparel to let his imagination soar!!! Of course he would make an outfit out of anything, including underwear for a neck protector. Wait, he HAS done that! XOXOXO