Thursday, March 18, 2010

Because of you...

Because of you...

I am a better person

Words like "can't", "won't", and "don't want to" have left my vocabulary

I work hard every day to be a person you can be proud of and respect

I laugh and have fun regularly

Because of you...

I smile every day

I am challenged both physically and mentally on a daily basis.

I know joy and happiness beyond belief

I know the difference between a rescue truck, a ladder truck, and an aerial platform truck in fire apparatus

Because of you...

I read daily (even if it is Dr. Suess or an informative book about the rescue equipment that fire trucks take with them to fire calls).

I have a reason to get up and accomplish much more than I would otherwise

I am learning and growing

I get to rescue princesses and fight dragons

Because of you...

I see things through fresh eyes and with an open mind

I have a purpose

I see the wonder and excitement in seemingly ordinary things

I know all the words to the song/story "Fire Truck" by Ivan Ulz.

Because of you...

I feel pretty on my ugliest of days

I have a reason to slow down, smell the flowers, and watch the ants carry food into their hole in the ground.

I am challenged to know, guess, or figure out "why a machine makes that sound" or "how a sign got up so high"

I have a wall in my kitchen decorated with FANTASTIC creations

Because of you....I breathe.

I love you, Bug.


Shana said...

Such a sweet post. Precious.

Tifkota said...

This is beautiful! Great pictures to illustrate your awesome little man!