Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adirondack Rescue

I am supposed to be busy packing but as I was going through photos from our glorious (long) weekend Up North, I saw these photos that tell a story so I thought I'd share them.

There was a tragic accident on Route 812 heading from Croghan into Lowville...
Luckily, a Welder/Hunter/Firefighter was on duty that night...
The brave fireman shed his equipment and ran to the rescue!
He began immediately administering first aid to the victim.
I'm pretty sure his technique involved some CPR and supportive words of encouragement like "I'm a trained per-fessional" and "A-yex, you're dead, lay down".
The brave firefighter decided he must move the victim to safety.
The victim was uneasy about this plan of action.
As victim 1 was handed off to the ambulance staff, the brave firefighter found a second victim in need of medical/hero assistance.
He thoroughly assessed the situation and decided that victim 2 was fine.

The end.

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