Friday, July 9, 2010

Friends Forever..the story of a boy and his dog.

I love how my two "puppies" have bonded.

Avery and Alex are like two peas in a pod lately.

I even screw up their names and have been known to call one or the other "Averlex" because I'm confused when I'm yelling at one or both of them!

Avery has an obvious soft spot for Alex and treats him like one of her own siblings.  They can often be found frolicking off into the distance together.  Alex is always looking for his beloved, "Ree" and often asks for her first thing in the morning if she is still in her crate.  As soon as he sees her, his face lights up and he yells, "Ree!" and gives her a big hug, usually knocking her over, pulling her hair, and/or falling on her in the process.  She is so patient with him and will lovingly nip at him but she puts up with SO much abuse from Alex who is constantly trying to love her.

Alex will throw any and all toys of Avery's out to her if she is in the kitchen and loves to be chased and get Avery going.  (That's usually when the yelling from me comes into play, makes me nervous!)

The other day we were in the back yard playing in the water and Alex said to Avery, "Mom, Ree" (Come on, Avery) with a wave of his hand.  He walked off to the playhouse and she followed.  The two of them just hung out back there for quite a while.  Alex sat down (on Avery) to eat his snack, and they dug in the dirt, chased birds, and walked around together like forever friends.   Alex even sang Avery a song.

I can only imagine how tight they'll be as they continue to grow up together.  It's sweet, actually.  I know that Avery will always look out for Alex, and vice versa.  Partners in crime, I have a feeling!

Ahh, the many adventures this boy and his dog will be able to tell someday!

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