Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's The Little Things...Love

This week's "little thing" to share for It's the Little Things Thursday is a warm fuzzy I received the other day from my oldest.  We were driving in the car and I have a habit of sporadically saying "I love you" to my children for no reason at all.  Primarily because I do, but also to remind them that I'm up there while we're traveling somewhere or just thinking of them in general.  Nate usually says "I love you, too" and Alex has adorably started saying "Too" in response.  I love it.

On this particular day I said "I love you, Bug" to Nathaniel and he didn't say anything.  I said it again figuring he didn't hear me over the radio and got no response at all.  The third time I said it exaggeratedly to get his attention and he looked at me, huffed and puffed exasperatedly, and said "I KNOW you love me, Mom!"  It was such a wise-ass thing for him to say so when I was done visibly scowling and secretly giggling, it made me glad.  I'm glad he knows I love him, even if I'm not saying it.  I hope in some small way that that means my complete adoration for my children comes through not only in my words but in my actions, as well.  I may struggle to be consistent, and fight to stay sane.  I yell more than I want to and don't always make the best choices or have all the right answers, but I love my boys with every fiber of my being.  And for that moment, I was thrilled to hear that Nate KNOWS it.  Without question.

Join me over at Starts at Eight to share the "Little Things" in your life that make this journey called "Motherhood" totally worth it in the end!

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Heidi said...

I had to LOL at the exasperated response of Nate. He is growing up so fast! Don't forget to link up on my page! You are still the only one participating. I am thinking maybe it will not be catching on. :( Maybe I will try something else in the future.