Friday, July 2, 2010

Happiness is...

fresh strawberries during strawberry season!

It was always a tradition of ours for my Mom and I to go strawberry picking during strawberry season.  I always remembered it was time to go because strawberry season falls on or around my birthday.  Even in college I'd meet my Mom at the strawberry fields with a basket, bucket, or bowl in hand (except those many times when I forgot one and she had knowingly brought two!).  We'd eat pick our fair share of fresh, juicy ripe strawberries.  Ok, I'd eat them and Mom would yell at me.  I remember one year I brought my step-son, Nick, to join us and my Mom kept telling me I was setting a bad example for him by eating them.  I couldn't help it.  I volunteered to be weighed when I left and pay for the amount I ate, but somehow it doesn't work that way.

Anyway, since my wee ones came along, this little tradition has fallen by the wayside.  I look forward to being able to introduce them to this fun little task someday soon.  However, this year was not that day.  So, Dave and I stopped at a local farm market and bought fresh-picked strawberries instead.  There were so many of them that a couple days in they were starting to look all sad and pathetic so I decided we needed to use them up.

I enlisted some eager helpers and we they got to work.

Apparently we had a few quality control tasters on staff, too.

Then we Nate mashed those bad boys up...

to make this for dinner:

It was delicious!  Yum!  This makes me want to stop by a farm market again tomorrow to see if there are any strawberries left to pick!!!  I can't wait to bring the boys!

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