Thursday, July 29, 2010


As you (certainly) know by now...we're moving from the City, to the 'burbs.  And when I say "'burbs", I mean small town, corn fields, cow pastures, graduating class of 65 people.  We have 5 acres of land to roam and neighbors we may actually have a real conversation with once in a while!

The downside of living that far away from civilization (besides the obvious 40 minute commute to work I'm not looking forward to!) is the luxuries I've grown accustomed to having nearby.  Libraries, grocery stores, malls, friends.  I started keeping a list of these and was taken by the little numbers.  I better get used to BIGGER numbers soon!

2.4 miles to BJs Wholesale Club (groceries and gas)
6.5 miles to work
.67 miles from the closest Dunkin Donuts 
1.06 miles to the Dollar General
2.5 to Family Dollar
1.09 miles to our favorite Chinese Restaurant 
.68 miles to our coveted pizza place
4.89 miles to WalMart
2.45 miles to Wegmans
3.9 miles to Tops
1.23 miles from Aldi
5 miles from the mall
5 miles to Target
.31 miles from Wilson Farms where we frequented for bread and milk A LOT!
.53 miles away from the library at the end of our street (which we didn't take advantage of NEARLY enough!)
1.14 miles to the bank

In less than a week we won't live less than 10 miles from ANYWHERE so I definitely will miss the proximity to things!  I guess I'll just have to spend more time at home!?!  :)


Heidi said...

Maybe not so much spend more time at home, but plan outings better. Maybe you pick up that bread and milk on the way home from somewhere, or stop at the library on your way too or from somewhere else. Combining trips together will make the BIGGER numbers.....a little smaller again! :)

Pam said...

Yea...Heidi's onto something great! A little planning and lunch time is much more productive. Remember, you still WORK in the heart of it all! And you'll have the boys with you en route home, so family outings to the library may even be MORE common than they were at Avery, when, once you were settled at home, it might have been more difficult to motivate back out. Here are some new stats...proximity to work!!!
7.24 miles to BJs Wholesale Club (groceries and gas)
1.9 miles from the closest Dunkin Donuts
3.98 miles to the Dollar General
0.9 to Family Dollar
9 miles from work to MY favorite Chinese Restaurant - on your way home (in Gates!!)
5.2 miles from your new place to MY coveted pizza place - Main Street Pizza In B-Town!! OR...there are no fewer than five pizza places in Holley according to Google maps
7.88 miles to WalMart
1.94 miles to Wegmans
3.97 miles to Tops
3.32 miles from Aldi
10.7 miles from the mall (which is en route home)
10.8 miles to Target (which is en route home)
0.3 miles from Wilson Farms (or K&K is right in Holley)
1.92 miles away from the library
5 miles to the bank (I think you use Bank of America?)
So, see?? No reason to fret!!