Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's The Little Things...Mommy Power

I got a call at work yesterday from my husband who is home with the kids while I work during the day and then we switch "shifts".  He was frustrated because Alex wouldn't take his nap.  My boys historically really enjoy their sleep so this seemed odd to me.  I casually asked him if Alex had his (two basic requirement) blankets and his baby and my husband paused, stuttered, and said..."Oh, that's what he was saying...Um, I'll call you back!"

A few minutes later I got a picture message from Dave:

I texted him back and said "He needed his Baby, didn't he?"  To which Dave replied, "Yep".


It's moments like that when I feel like I've got "it".  My Mommy super powers were shining and it felt so good to know what my boy needed, even while at work, and be able to "fix it".

Excuse me while I flex my Mommy muscles for just a second.  Ahhhh, that feels better.

Stop over to Starts at Eight and let us know what "little things" make this journey called "Motherhood" worth it for you.

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