Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wandering thoughts...

As I lay down at night, drive to work in the morning, or sit at my desk at work waiting for inspiration of the wordsmith kind to strike....my mind wanders.  It never stops, actually.  My mind is like a puppy without a leash, a child with no boundaries, or an uncaged hamster.  It goes wherever it wants with no limits.  For this Tuesday's Random Thoughts, here is a collection of some of the more comprehensible thoughts I've had running through my head today:

New school buses have gotten very ugly.  I remember when it used to be cool, and even envy-producing if you had one of the new school buses.  I passed one on my way to work this morning and they are hideous. All boxy and square.   Ok, so that was redundant, but you get my point.  Ugly.

It doesn't matter how grey and miserable it gets around here in the Fall.  As long as there are leaves left on the trees and they are the gorgeous colors they have turned out to be this year, it's still beautiful around here and it makes me happy!

I get newsletters delivered to me via email from Babycenter.com and others that give me updates on what my children should be doing at their ages, provides information relevant to their interests and activities, etc.  I realized yesterday that I was getting a Toddler version and a Preschool version.  What?!?  For some reason this completely shocked me.  Just a few weeks ago it was sending me (what I thought were) Baby and Toddler versions but it seems my children have recently "graduated" to the next "tier".  Yet another reminder of how quickly time is passing me by...

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