Friday, November 13, 2009

Back in the day...

For Flashback Friday I was trying to find a poem I had written years ago when my paternal grandfather passed away.  I had just turned 16 at the time and was struggling with these new emotions of loss and grief.  As I've learned is my way, I wrote about it.  I will share that poem another day, but in searching for this poem, I found many other writings I have saved over the years.  Some of them are entertaining merely because of the innocent perspective my young mind had and the things I held dear at the time but others are impressive for the age at which I wrote them.  (Or at least I think so).  So, I provide you with a sample and am considering sharing more on future Flashback Fridays if I don't start losing readers as a result (Ha?) :)

This is an incomplete story I drafted (complete in my 13-year-old scrawl) in 1989:

Standing outside my house practically bursting with anticipation, I stood, waiting for my parents and brother to walk out the front door and say, "Okay, let's go!".  But they didn't.  They still weren't ready.

It was the summer of 1980.  I was a child of 4, my brother of 7, and my sister, a mere baby.

Our parents were packing for a weekend's vacation at Marineland in Canada.

After what seemed like a long time of waiting out by our car and going in and out of the house to check on things, we were finally ready!

On the long trip there my brother and I often got into fights over stupid things like how much of the seat was mine and how much was his.  My parents probably would have freaked had we not fallen asleep!

Like I wasn't complete but it was a good start.  It told a story of an actual event in my life, I assume for one of those "tell us of a vacation you went on when you were little" type assignments.  I wish I would have finished it.  I'm curious as to how it may have ended!


Sarah said...

You always had talent, throughout the years it has merely blossomed!

Shelby said...

My favorite part is "I was a child of 4, my brother of 7, and my sister, a mere baby."

A mere baby...that's freakin great!