Sunday, November 29, 2009

Inside your head...

Oh, my dear Nathaniel.  I wish I could live inside your head for just 5 minutes.  It must be a fantastic wonderland of fun, great adventure, and daring escapades.

I sit here watching you enveloped in your imagination and it fascinates me.  Dressed as Batman (complete with cape and mask) you have built an intricate roadway using matchbox tracks, your Little Tykes chairs and table, your beloved boo bankie, and our couch.  This roadway surely must lead to grand places.  Along the way there are perilous valleys, treacherous construction sites, and even an armed alien road block.  The town and community being constructed around me is nothing short of amazing.  Race tracks, airports, even a school bus to take visitors and tourists to their destinations.  I believe you have utilized every spare part from every last toy in your bedroom to create this masterpiece.  You have just finished repairing a broken down car and filling it with gas and have moved on to loading the townspeople into an airplane to transport them to the big car races.  I can only imagine where your creativeness will take you next!  

Every day your world entertains me.  The stories you tell, the costumes you invent, the characters you become, and the adventures you animatedly act out are captivating.  It thrills me to watch you as you turn an ordinary paper into a pirate treasure map or a precious ticket aboard the Polar Express.  Our regular, common chair has been known to be the scene of more than one dangerous storm that has thrown captains to danger in the choppy unforgiving sea.  Bumps in the night quickly become big furry monsters or ghosts looking for you to be hiding under cover of darkness.  But these aren't scary monsters and ghosts, for you have no fear of such things.  You find them exciting and love to chase these "gi-gan-tuck (gigantic) monsters" and hide from "pooky (spooky) ghosts".  Even at the ripe, mature age of three-and-a-half, you will lean over to your baby brother when he starts to tear up and whimper during our games and whisper, "Don't be scared, A-yex (Alex), they won't get you!  I'll pwo-teck (protect) you!"

Man, I love this stage and hope it never ends.  I never tire of the adventures we have.  I hope to always be your partner in crime as we ward off fire-breathing dragons, ride our horses into the sunset, rescue fairy princesses, and hide from furry blue tickle monsters.  I take my newly dubbed title of "Captain Mommy" and I wear it proudly.  You make me proud, dear Bug, and I thank you for living so freely, for loving life with the openness and vigor that you do, and for reminding me of the little important things through the innocent eyes of childhood.  

*I apologize for having yet another post with no pictures.  I even took some of Nathaniel's grand village but am having hard drive issues that prevent me from sharing them at this time.  (just in time for Christmas cards, perfect timing, huh?!?)  I promise I will make up for it!

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Jen said...

Captain Mommy. Isn't that the best? My kids wear costumes most days. They create and construct and narrate their play. It amazes me. (It makes me crazy, too, because the MESSES, but I digress.) You are good to enjoy this time. It does go so so fast.