Thursday, November 26, 2009

Small details

In this season of thankfulness, it seems to go without saying that I am grateful for my friends, my family, my job (and the luxuries that it provides me), my home, and especially my children.  I could write an individual post singing the praises of each and every one of these blessings (and in fact, if I had thought of it before writing this just now, I would have done a countdown to Thanksgiving type thing doing just that).  However, today is Thanksgiving and I've missed the boat (the Mayflower, no doubt) and so instead, I'd like to follow the lead of a fellow blogger over at Manic Mother who posted a lighthearted yet sincere list of the little things in life that she was thankful for.  It's good stuff and she's right - there are a lot of little things that get overlooked and taken for granted.

So here is my list of some of the more prominent "little things" that I am deeply thankful for:

1.  my digital camera - it captures precious moments, expressions, and the very personalities of the ones I love most in this world.  It functions as my memory, my scrapbook, and my diary.  It tells stories and helps me to relive good times, forgotten details, and lost innocence.  I would be lost without this thing!

2.  the internet - I'm not sure if this would be considered a little thing, but it's an easy to take for granted thing that I simply could not live without.  In a financial crunch I think cable and heat would go before internet and I'd willingly walk 6 miles to work to be able to afford it if need be.  Ok, so I'm (half) kidding.  But the internet is my portal to the world, it has provided me with a gateway to a community in which I thrive.  It easily provides me with information when I need it most.  And the internet provides me with a means through which to satisfy my occasional need for retail therapy without having to pack up my kids and drag them out into the H1N1 infected world.  I mean really, what would I do without Google, Facebook, Blogger, or Etsy?!?

3. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes - Children are dirty little creatures.  Boys are even dirtier.  Enter in a potty training boy and a toddler and you see why I am thankful for these little gems.

4.  the eyelash curler - One of of the world's best inventions.  Hands down the best thing since sliced bread!  Enough said.


5.  the snack trap - Without a doubt this thing saves my butt when I have a cranky, overtired, hungry, or otherwise miserable child on my hands.  I can put ANYTHING in this cup and it creates an immediate hush.  Raisins, cheerios, fruit name it.  It's fabulous.  Self-feeding entertainment and enjoyment at its finest.


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