Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fly on the wall

As I sit here on Tuesday there are many thoughts roaming around my head...some are nonsensical and others are edging on thoughtful if I had the brain power to spin them into word webs.  Either way, here is a collection of random ramblings as heard in my head...

I hate the word "meme".  It's a commonly used word in the blogging world that means "an element of a culture or a system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another through nongenetic means, esp. imitation".  I understand the need to use the word, but it drives me nuts.  I don't really know why.  I've also learned to hate the word "vernacular"- again, not sure why except that a friend and I were talking today and she kept using the word (and used it often just to bug me, I think).  And now I decided I don't like it.  So there you have it.  Just two of the many words I find annoying.  In case you cared. 

I can't believe Christmas is coming up so fast...Thanksgiving is next week and I'm so not prepared.  I am very excited for Black Friday shopping though!  I love good deals and getting all my Christmas shopping done in one swoop.  I don't particularly like getting up at 3 AM when there isn't a crying child in the next room necessitating my arousal, but it's still SO worth it!

I have to figure out what I'm going to do for Christmas cards this year.  I mean I always do the photo cards because, let's face it, I have the cutest kids on earth and love to show them off.  (Ok, so I'm an eensy weensy bit biased, but even still, I do like to show them off!)  But getting and choosing the perfect photo is stressful.  Especially with a three-year-old who thinks his name is "Daddy", calls me "Say-nuh" instead of Mommy and screams "No! No, PICK-CHURS!" the second my camera comes out.  Apparently he doesn't like pictures.  (He simply can NOT be my child!  What is wrong with this kid?!?!)  Regardless, it should be challenging.  Feel free to read this post over at Warm Chocolate Milk to hear a fantastic story of Christmas Card stress that I can totally relate to.

Nathaniel has been entertaining us for weeks with his many adventures and when he describes them it is always very animatedly, saying there was a "big, big, REALLY big, GIG-AN-TUCK" {enter relevant word here} - deer, truck, fish, poop, hot dog, pile of stuff, whatever.  It doesn't matter what, where, or for how long, it was always Big.  Big.  (Make that) REALLY big, (and) gigantic!  It makes me laugh!  And then when that's just NOT quite dramatic enough he adds "I EVER did see!" on the end to make sure it was the biggest ever, in the history of the world.  Just so you know.  There was NEVER one bigger.  Not possible.  So don't even try.  :)


Heather of the EO said...

Meme is the silliest word I ever did see. :)

Tifkota said...

What is this "meme"? It isn't part of my vernacular. Crap, I just did it, didn't I? I think we should teach "Vernacular" to Nate, the way he says it will be so cute, you won't dislike it anymore. Okay, maybe you will, but at least you'll like his version of it.

And remember, some of the best Christmas cards do not have spit and polished kids dressed in their finest, politely sitting by a fireplace with their hands in their laps (although those are cute). We all know those kids are being tortured. I want to see pictures of Nate splashing in puddles, and Alex shreiking with delight over a ball. Pictures of them being their adorable selves! XOXO

Shelby said...

I hope that I am not the person you were referring to who overused the term vernacular. I would never try to purposely bug you. I was merely retelling a story and we all know that you are allowed to say things that you wouldn't normally say when we are telling a story. Especially if that story is about the kind of person who would use the term vernacular on a regular basis. So there :P !!!!!!