Sunday, November 8, 2009

Booger Boy

Those of you who are friends of mine on Facebook have seen a lot of recent status update activity centering on the topic of boogers, as they relate to my three-year-old.

He is obsessed with boogers.  He is (more often that not) caught with his finger up his nose, digging for gold.  I don't know if this is a boy thing, a 3-year-old thing, or just my son's idea of a good time, but I think it's gross.

(perfectly good picture ruined by that blasted nose picking)

Here's an actual conversation Nathaniel and I had recently:

Me:  Nate, why are you always picking your nose?
Nate:  Because I have boogers.
Me:  Do you need a kleenex, Nate?
Nate:  No, I have this (holds up his finger).
Me:  Nate, please stop picking your nose, that's gross.
Nate:  That's not gross, it's lish-us.
Me:  It's delicious?  Really?
Nate:  Yes, it's lish-us.  Yum!
Me:  So if boogers are so yummy, do you want them for dinner?
Nate:  No, just for nack (snack!)

Oh.  Ok.  Thanks for clearing that up for me.  :)


Tifkota said...

You just can't argue that kind of logic! Maybe he'll use that imagination of his to be a lwayer....hmmmm.

Sherry said...

HA! I think it's a 3 year old, boy thing! :)