Saturday, November 14, 2009

A picture story...

My sister and I recently took the kids (my boys and my niece, Kensington) to the pumpkin patch for some traditional Fall fun and photo op.  It seemed simple enough.  Stick the kids in a pumpkin patch and take their picture.  I even had the fantastic idea of getting one of all three kids to give our parents for Christmas.  I thought it would be nice for them to have one good picture of all three of their grandkids.

Sounds simple, right?

Sure!  It was anything but simple.

Here's a photo story of how that plan went.

First, choose a place with lots of pumpkins.  This one looks good.

Then sit the children there.  Stay put, guys.

Ok, now one more.

Stay right there, Kensie.

Um, Alex...where are you going?!?

Ok.  New plan.

We'll put them in the middle of pumpkins 
so it's harder for them to get out and roam.

Yeah.  That's good.

Let's try this spot.

Everybody sit.

Now look at me!  
Over here!

Oh, ALEX!  Where ya' going?!?

Ok.  Take three.
Yoo hoo!  
Where's Mommy?  
Look at me!
Say "Cheese!"

Nate?  You ok?  What happened?

Oh, Nate!  Get up!  

Kensie:  "I'm outta here!"

Alex:  "Yeah, me, too!"

Nate:  "See you, Mom!"

Well, that went well.
I think that worked out great, right?

Hmm.  Maybe next time.


Shana said...

Thanks for the laughs!! That was too cute.

Sarah said...

That about sums up that day quite nicely!!