Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Today must officially be National "That's Ridiculous!" Day.

Today I heard that it's not unheard of (and in some circles it's even considered normal!) to buy Christmas gifts for your pediatrician!  As if I don't feel enough pressure with societal requirements to tip your mail carrier, garbage collector, and give trinkets to my son's preschool teachers and friends at the holidays (which I currently do not do, by the way!).  Now I should be worried that I am failing my pediatrician, too?!? 

And as if that's not enough to stop me in my tracks and ask "Are you freakin' kidding me?!?"...I read a study today that said 3-year-olds who are classified as "fearless" are now considered to be more likely to grow up to be criminals.  What!?!  Apparently this new study shows that "poor fear conditioning at the tender age of 3 can predispose that person to break the law as an adult".  What is this world coming to that we have over analyzed so much of life that we are now expecting our fearless 3-year-olds to become criminals when they get older?  Are they now going to suggest that we treat these 3-year-olds differently?  Perhaps we should lock them all up NOW and save ourselves the trouble down the road.  Argh!  This really irritates me, can you tell? 

In case you haven't figured it out by my level of frustration, I am the proud mother of one of these fearless 3-year-olds and while I rationally understand they are not saying he WILL become a criminal, the fact that they even spent money to show there is a tendency towards this is annoying to me.  I bet if money was spent anywhere they could show that eating Corn Pops as a child also makes one more likely to be unemployed or that riding a green bike instead of a red one will predispose you to having a thyroid condition in your 30s.  I just don't get it.  I realize I am now the one sounding ridiculous but I made the mistake (?) of venting about this in the heat of the moment instead of thinking about it first and so I'm a little aggravated (and therefore sarcastic - Thanks, Dad!).  It just burns my britches.

Has anyone else noticed/read/heard anything completely ridiculous today?!?  Or is it just me and my corner of the world sounding like it's gone off it's rocker?  

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Shana said...

WHAT?!?! i am really in trouble then because my boy is only 2 and is way fearless. I must be raising a serial killer or something. That has to be the most ridiculous thing i have heard today but I haven't been out of the house yet and I do have to go to Walmart later so the conditions might be right to hear something more ridiculous. I am so not buying my mail carrier or my pediatrician a gift for Christmas.