Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankfuls...Thin Mints

I started getting all profound with today's post when I realized two things:

1.) I do not have the mental fortitude to be creative and witty at this time of night


2.) Thin Mints make me very happy!

What's even better is that they were FREE!  I had decided not to buy any this year because I have no will power and having girl scout cookies laying around the house is just asking for trouble!!  It goes against everything I've been trying to do the last couple months with my weight (which hasn't been much of anything anyway!).  My mother, however, took pity on me (It went something like this:  "What!?!?  No GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!?!")  So she gave me a box (or two) and as I sat here, munching my thin mints, I realized how fantastic they are!

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Heidi said...

I LOVE Thin Mints! I actually avoided buying them as well this year, but last night Joey said he had ordered some Girl Scout cookies (not sure which ones though).