Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankful...Paper Clips

Today, I am thankful for paperclips.  Not for the reasons you might think, though.  Yesterday I was over thinking this Thanksgiving Thankful thing and mentioned to my dear friend, Heidi, that I felt like everything I was thinking of to be "thankful" for was superficial and I was afraid I'd do this "assignment" wrong.  Whatever that means.

She responded with, "I didn't know there was a "right" way. You could say you are thankful for paper clips if you wanted!".

As I was washing my face for bed last night I fumbled around for something to clip my bangs back.  As I looked around my bathroom counter, all I could find within quick grasp was a giant paperclip, so I grabbed it and pinned my hair back.  As I looked up in the mirror and saw this big pink paperclip doing a rather handy job, I remembered Heidi's comment from earlier in the day...and I smiled.  In that moment, sure, I was thankful for that paperclip.  But the bigger lesson here, is to be thankful for those people in your life who help you put it (and KEEP it!) in perspective.

Thanks, Heidi, for reminding me to just be thankful, no matter big or small.  Your real honesty is a breath of fresh air! 

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Heidi said...

Laughing out loud with tears in my eyes! This is so cool and so sweet! I will smile all afternoon and probably look at every paper clip for the rest of my life and think about what it means to "us"!