Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankful...Alex

It goes without saying, but above all else, I am most thankful for my boys.  Without them I'd be lost.  They are the reason I wake up in the morning.  Because of these sweet boys, I am more conscious about the things I say, the imprint I make on the world, and the example I am setting every day for them.

So for today (in no particular order), I am writing about my extreme gratitude for my youngest son...Alex.  A.K.A. Digger Fuzz  Bucket, Sunshine, Spider Monkey, Pee Wee, Monkey Boy, Bones, Spud and A-yex (among others!).

Alex is a charmer, through and through.  He's infectiously "cute" and has a vocabulary of a kid much older than 2 but with the voice of a chipmunk so it's adorable.  He has a smile that lights up my world and penchant for climbing and jumping and all sorts of daredevil acts.     

We're struggling through a particularly needy stage with Alex lately, but I have to say, after raising a ridiculously independent child (Nate), feeling needed isn't half bad!  I am grateful for Alex's current Mommy-complex since I know it is short lived and before long, he, too, will be telling me to go, leave, or otherwise exit his personal space.  I do so love my snuggle bunny!

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Art Mama said...

How wonderful. Cherish every moment I say. My daughter was a wonderfully chatty child, and this may have been irritating to some, but I knew before long she would be a less-chatty teen and this helped me to treasure each moment. She is well into her teens now and still a delight. Time passes quickly.