Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Green Light

Finally, we've been given the green light to move FORWARD on this whole house buying/selling/moving thing.  What a pain it's all been!  But now we can make progress and what a relief that is!

So tomorrow (and the rest of the week) we'll be moving stuff over to the new place and storing it in the garage until Friday when we close on everything, make it all legal, official, binding, etc.  It's already starting to feel like home with Nate's fire trucks proudly displayed in the living room...

On our first trip over tonight to get the key and unload our first 8 boxes, I was happy to finally see this:

It's about time we got to claim ownership!!  Ha!

Now the anxiety over the change sets in.  The reality of the work that will be involved to bring this house up to speed.  The PACKING, and MOVING, and SETTLING.

But just when the anxiety threatens to sweep over me, I will step out into my new spacious backyard, where nary a neighbor can see me, take a deep breath, look up at the stars, listen to the golden music of crickets chirping, and remember why we're doing this.

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