Saturday, August 28, 2010

Make New Friends

Since moving to the new house in the sticks, we've settled in quite nicely.  After a battle with mosquitos that had waged war on the poor boys and a bout of Poison Ivy all around, we're learning to love this country living.  (Who am I kidding!?!  This is how I grew up and I'm thrilled that my kids get to learn and grow the same natural way!)

We've met quite a few new people and even made a few new friends.

We've met Mr. Snake (no photos, though!).

Sir Furry Brown Ugly Spider

Tiny the Field Mouse

Master Newt


Ms. Grasshopper

and our latest "pet"...Nokie the Frog

More to come on Nokie later!  We're just thrilled to be making some new friends and learning a lot about them along the way!!

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