Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Ok, so the title doesn't really mean much except that is what today's date is. I’m not usually one to be all superstitious but when big things are planned on days like Friday the 13th, I’ll admit it creeps me out a little.

Our big thing today is a much anticipated camping trip with the Ciravola Family. I’m We’re so excited! It's a rarity that Dave actually has the weekend off so we're taking full advantage and using this time to create some family memories!  I'm hope for a relaxing, fun-filled, drama-free weekend with my family and good friends. The boys will have Chloe, Jayden, and Ava to play with which will be uber fun for them, and I will have adult conversation with the oh-so-fun (!) Mr. & Mrs. Ciravola! The weather is looking quite promising for some sunny, not-so-hot and humid, boating/fishing fun! I’m very excited! (Did I say that already?!?)

I have a lot of posts coming about the move, the new place, the boys, etc.  As soon as I get some boxes unpacked and some basics organized, I'll be able to settle back into a routine with my therapeutic blogging!  Of course, now that we have internet up and running again, that helps, too!  Happy Friday! 


Anonymous said...

The title means EVERYTHING.

Heidi said...

We had lots of fun camping and boating with all of you. Chloe never wants to leave the boys. Minus the double bee sting incident it was a pretty drama free weekend! Score!