Thursday, August 5, 2010

At Peace

I met the woman who is buying my house today.  Despite all the reservations I had and the fear that she would ruin "my" place, I feel completely at ease now.  She and her husband are so sweet!  She was very open and honest about her plans, which aren't so horrible.  She wants to put in a garden and spruce up the flower gardens.  She has plans to carpet, has to figure out how to put a ramp in and put up drapes before her Mother moves in in October.  She asked questions about the plants that were there and was curious about the house's history.  And, strangely, she is originally from Holley, where we're moving to.  She had stories to tell and shared how she was Alex's age running carefree down Main Street.  I feel like I'm swapping places in life with her somehow.  When she left, she hugged me, told me I could come back to visit anytime, and offered me flowers from her garden anytime.  I left her with my business card contact info and an offer to call me should she have any questions.  She even told me "to keep in touch" and made sure I had her information.  Not sure if that's kosher in real estate transactions, but it sure did make me feel better about things.

On the other side, we're most certainly home in Holley.  Within minutes of being there we had people pull in across the street on Harleys (my husband rides a Harley).  A nice gentleman across the street waves to us every time he drives past (people would walk past our house in the City and the boys would say hi and get no response in return!) and in fear of sounding too much like a redneck, our neighbors were target shooting all afternoon.  That is just like home to me.  It's nice to hear gunfire for recreational purposes instead of the reasons I heard before.  

Now let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief....and cross our fingers that all goes smoothly at closing tomorrow. 

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Pam said...

Crossing my fingers isn't going to do it...I'm keeping you all in my prayers instead!! IWN...WAMH! :)