Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook...August 31, 2010

FOR TODAY...August 31, 2010

Outside my window...darkness has fallen.  It's been a long day!

I am thinking...of how pooped I am right now.  Did I mention it had been a long day?  Yet, I haven't done one of these in a few weeks so I figured I should follow through for once.

I am thankful for...a nice, cozy bed to go to sleep in.  And a fan to sit in front of - it is HOT today/tonight!  I'm also thankful that Nate was offered an available spot in the UPK program in our school district.  I was worried that we'd have to put him into an expensive private program that meant he'd only go 3 days a week, need to be dropped off and picked up by Dave, and he'd be in four different schools before he started Kindergarten.  At least this way, he gets to ride a bus, go 5 days a week, and be in the same school as he'll start Kindergarten in next year.  Oh, and it's FREE, which is fabulous!

From the kitchen...my beloved husband is getting me a drink because it's 500 degrees in here and I'm parched.

I am wearing...an odd combination of my work clothes (top) and comfy clothes (bottoms).

I am remembering...to watch Rescue Me with Dave tonight...if I am able to stay up another hour+, that is!

I am creating...I was able to work on a project for my (new) boss at work that was kind of outside the box of my usual M.O.  It had to do with editing a photo and getting it printed/framed for presentation to Chuck Schumer's office as a thank you for their help in making it possible for some of our HW-SC youth to attend the World Cup.

I am going...to be pretty busy this week/weekend.  I'm looking forward to it.  Lots of end of the summer fun to be had.  And less time to stress about what's (not) getting done at home.

I am hoping...to get the garage cleared out and the house settled before winter so I can park in the garage and not have to brush my car off.  There's a lot to do to get there (and a lot of summer fun left to be had while we still can) so I'm not sure if that will work out, but we'll try.

I am hearing...the sound of the news on the TV and fans.  We have 5 running in the house right now to cool it off and it's still 80 degrees in here.

Pondering these words...I've heard a lot of great quotes this week but of course I can't remember any of them right now when I need to.

Around the house...lots of projects to do.  A wish list a mile long and a list of tasks to tackle is never ending.

On my mind...not a whole heck of a lot at this time of night.  I'm empty.

Noticing that...living in the country is a lot different as a MOM than it was as a kid.  We've been tackling our fair share of poison ivy, bug bites, bees, skunks, snakes, and other country fun.

One of my favorite things...the internet.  I've been keenly aware lately of all the fantastic things available at my fingertips.  When Nate brought home a frog the other day, we were able to look up what frogs eat, and how to care for him (not that it mattered, in the end).  I can search for a much loved recipe, purchase diapers or coffee without leaving the house, look up the words to Nate's favorite song(s) for an impromptu sing-a-long, or get directions for how to do anything from tile a floor to sew a sock monkey.  It's an amazing resource for anything and everything.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Melon Bean with Tiffany, having my BFF over for a tour of the new house, celebrating my niece's 2nd birthday, hanging with my sister, and catching the Great NYS Fair!!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Nate's "Thinking Tree"...he spends a lot of time here, swinging, hanging out, just having quiet time - I love that he has a tree of his very own.

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