Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quiet Time

I learned a valuable lesson today.

Quiet time is not just for our kids.

I strive to keep my children on some semblance of a schedule.  I give them breakfast at the same time, snack time comes rather predictably a couple hours later, then lunch time, followed by nap/quiet time, etc.  They know it's coming.  That's not a surprise.  Quiet time doesn't suddenly sneak up on them.   Yet, they fight it every time.

I have come to realize today, after a moment, er, afternoon of not-so-stellar mothering, that I, too, greatly depend on quiet time.  In fact, it is instrumental to my soul.  Without quiet time, I melt down.  Just like my kids do.  Only uglier.  And usually louder.

If some days are "on" days and others are "off" days, today has certainly been a total power outage sort of day.  I'm ready to crawl into bed and start over again tomorrow.

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