Monday, March 21, 2011

On The Road Again

So, today concludes Birthday Week 2011 for my Bug.  We had a great day together and I was so glad to be home from work today to spend his birthday with him!  We got him all registered for Kindergarten next year (!) and put together countless Lego fire trucks, Play Mobil playsets, and fire house kits (some assembly required!!!).

I had big plans to recount Nathaniel's birth (5 years ago!!) or post pictures of his FDNY birthday party from yesterday but instead, I'm distracted with my next big adventure.  Tomorrow the boys and I leave on a 63.5 hour cross-country train trip to Oregon for my cousin's wedding.  We're traveling with my person, Tiff, and her daughter and I'm so excited!  I, of course, hadn't packed a thing until a couple hours ago so I have a lot of other things to move on to at the moment.  Perhaps on the train ride (in between keeping three children 5 and under occupied, seeing the beautiful countryside, and taking LOTS of pictures!) I hope to do some blogging...albeit without photos since those will be inaccessible this trip, but I'll make up for it!

Regardless, I hear my dryer buzzer so I should go grab the last of my clothes and try to squeeze this package of diapers into one of my carry ons.  Wish me luck!!

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