Sunday, February 20, 2011

He's BACK...

Bolt is back!  Yippee!  I wrote a post a year or so ago to introduce Nathaniel's partner in crime and then out of the blue my Bug grew up and decided he didn't need Bolt, or Radar, or whatever his name was for the day.  I was devastated.  My baby was growing up and his constant sidekick was being kicked to the side.  *sniff*

Well today, just hours after telling me "Mom, I don't call him Bolt anymore...I don't know what his name is now", he came to his senses and said, "Eh, Bolt is back.  I missed him!"

So, with no further ado...I'd like to introduce you to Bolt (before he disappears from Nate's life and/or gets renamed, again!)  :

Bolt is Nathaniel's best buddy these days.  They fight crime together, they rescue princesses together, they run into burning building to save people, pets, and property.  In addition to Boo Bankie and Bedtime Bear, Bolt is Nathaniel's go-to BFF.  (*although since I originally wrote this, Boo Bankie and Bedtime Bear have become a thing of the past but that's a whole other sob story for another time, *sniff*).  Nate brings him everywhere we go, dresses him in fire outfits, even makes sure he gets fed, bathed, and tucked in at night.  Bolt has been seen rescuing Nathaniel from the confines of being tied up as he valiantly chews through the ropes to set Nate free!  Nate even puts him in the front seat of the car and buckles him in on car rides.  It's adorable.  He's a true friend!  

Bolt has taken a beating in his short life, however.  He's been dropped in mud puddles, dragged across the dirty ground on "his leash" and stuffed into the back of a Cozy Coupe to rush off to fire rescues.  Luckily for me (and Nate!) he's 100% washable so that makes for an easy save!

We love you, Bolt!  Glad to have you back and thanks for being a trusty friend to my Bug!   You'll always hold a special place in our hearts!

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