Saturday, February 5, 2011


Finally the weather warmed up enough so we could get the kids out sledding today!  It was a perfect day  for it!  After last year's (literal) run-in with a tree, I insisted the boys wear their bike helmets for safety.  

After a couple trips down the hill (and rides back up the hill!), Alex was content to sit at the top at eat the snow while the big kids (Nate & Brie) went down over and over.  He even talked a big game about building a "snow castle" but couldn't maneuver his fingers well enough in those bulky gloves.

Aunt Tiff hung out with her Godson while I took an "emergency" run down the hill to find out what was wrong with Nate as he lay at the bottom of the hill.  As it turns out, you apparently can't get back up the hill while still laying on your sled.  That was Nate's big drama.  

Couple more runs down the hill for Nate and Brie whilst the rest of us hung out up top and ate more snow.  Yum!

And finally, exhaustion set in. 

He was done.  It was too much work!

So, we packed up and headed to Cam's Pizzeria for some delicious (and WARM!) lunch!  
What a fun day!

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