Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have to share...

What happens when you take pretzels and delicious little Rolo candies and mush them all together?  Only the most fabulously scrumptious Superbowl (or anytime) treat ever! 

My friend, Leah, introduced me to these.  Sure, everyone probably already knows about these secret little gems, but it was news to me.  And can you say, E-A-S-Y?  

I call these RolGolds (Rolos and Rold Gold Pretzels) but I've seen them all over the internet as Rolo Pretzel TurtlesRolo Pretzel Sandwiches, Rolo Pretzel Cookies, and thousands of other variations (some with pecans, some with Almond M&Ms or Hershey Kisses, but all sounding delicious!)

First, take on the tedious task of unwrapping the entire package of Rolo brand caramel candies.  Or, if you're willing to share a couple, enlist the eagerly "helpful" hands of your wee ones.  

Then lay a bunch of pretzels out on a cookie sheet (In doing this a second time, I'd probably line said cookie sheet with foil first, but for some reason that didn't cross my mind at 10 PM when I did this in preparation of our Superbowl gathering the following day)

Next, lay all those nekkid Rolo candies out on the pretzels and put them in the oven (350 degrees) for about 5 minutes (or them!)

When they look all ooey gooey like this, smush a second pretzel on top (or put on a pecan, or M&M, depending upon your recipe).  

(My cooking lingo is so fancy, isn't it?)

 Let cool, pry off our cookie sheet and ENJOY!  
Make plenty though - they go fast!  

They are so pop-able and delicious and DANGEROUS to have around the house (so I assure you I won't be making them again anytime soon unless I want to completely throw out any hopes of seeing my pre-kid size ever again!)


Sherry said...

My mouth is watering!!! Gonna try these asap!

Matt said...

Epic win!