Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Peanut Butter Day!

Last week I was explaining to my 4-year-old how Valentine's Day was coming up and we had to work on the valentines to give out to his friends at school.  In typical Nate-fashion, he said, "Mom, Monday isn't Valentine's Day...It's Peanut Butter Day!"  So today, we celebrate Peanut Butter Day.  The day of the year where you shower those you love with peanut butter, I guess.

So to celebrate PB day, the boys and I met up with Aunt Tiff and Brie at Friendly's to have dinner and indulge in some peanut butter sinfulness.  Yum!

Check out the mound of guilt I had - it's a Hunka Chunka PB Lava Cake and it was SO good...I couldn't even eat it all but you can bet your bottom dollar I (practically) licked every last trace of peanut butter from that bowl.  Friendly's has the best peanut butter!

Anyway, I think Peanut Butter Day will be a tradition in our house.  What better way to show someone how special they are than by sharing a little peanut butter?  I sure do love peanut butter...but not nearly as much as I love my precious boys!


Heidi said...

LOVE Peanut Butter Day. Since I am done with indulgent desserts maybe I will celebrate with a scoop of peanut butter and an apple!

Sherry said...

Oh how I miss my peanut butter!! I love it, but am pretty sure Alec is mildly allergic to it (still nursing him) and he breaks out in a horrible skin rash whenever I eat it. So only a few more months to go, then I can eat all the peanut butter I want! That dessert you had looks amazing!