Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TWO Years!

Exactly 2 years ago I completed the (nearly 5 year long) process of submitting my pistol permit application to the county.  It was something I had been meaning to do forever but after several procrastinations, a few county moves and a paperwork update that forced me to start the process over, I finally completed all the steps required.  I jumped through their hoops, paid my fees, got my fingerprints (twice!) and secured the references needed (thanks to my husband's help, support, and nagging!) to submit my paperwork.

And then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

It's been TWO years now.  For a process that should (on average) take 6-9 months.  So I called.  My husband called. I called again.  I emailed the County Clerk.  No matter what, we kept getting the same blanket response:  "It's on the Judge's desk for signature".  For months, this is what we were told.  We were given the reminder that we should "expect time frames of up to a year now since the Obama Administration took over and permit applications increased in volume".    

And today.  Two years later (literally as I was writing this post that was meant to complain about the delay) I got a picture message from my husband that my pistol permit finally came in the mail today.  *Sigh*

It's about time!  If you know me, you know I was starting to take it personally!  I'm glad to finally have it in hand.  I'm relieved to not have to bug the County Clerk or the Pistol Permit lady any more.  Mostly, I'm proud.  Proud to be able to carry on a family tradition and to have finally completed something I set out to do.  If you know me, you know that's a rarity, too!  :)

So, while this post started out to be a venting post.  I am pleased that I am able, instead, to report good news.  And to document a milestone reached.  Sure, it's a milestone most probably won't see the importance of.  But for me, it's BIG.   

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Sherry said...

Congrats, Shana!!