Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh, INSPIRATION!!! Where ARE you?!?!

I was supposed to do a 10 on 10 post yesterday.  I remembered that it was the 10th of the month (hurdle #1 jumped), I had a "theme" in mind to focus my mission (hurdle #2), I even remembered my camera (hurdle #3), yet here I sit, hours after this (supposed) 10-hour challenge with nothing.

Ok, so I have a few photos.  Nothing worthy of sharing, but I did take a few.

But not ten.

So, I sit and wonder why.  (Because that's what I do!)  Am I over thinking this stuff (*gasp!*), putting too much pressure on myself to "accomplish" said goals which is sapping the fun out of it?  Who knows, but that wouldn't be the first time.  I tend to over analyze most things and ruin them.  So, next month, on January 10th, I will start the new year fresh and embrace 10 on 10 with a renewed perspective.  Until then, I'm looking for my long lost friend, Inspiration.  Have you seen her?!?

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Sherry said...

Haven't heard from you in awhile, hope you and your family are ready for Christmas! :)